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Yuasa Battery Company Info

Since 1979, Yuasa Battery, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of quality industrial batteries for float and cyclic applications.

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Yuasa’s parent company is GS Yuasa, which is located in Japan and recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. GS Yuasa has the 2nd largest share of the lead-acid battery market in the world.

Some of the features and benefits of Yuasa’s industrial batteries include:

  • Heat Sealed Case – Protects against seepage and corrosion
  • Lead Calcium Grids – Ensure long life and dependability
  • Special Thin Separators – Provides high cranking power
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction – without free acid
  • Heavy-Duty Glass Mat – Resists shredding of active material, even under severe vibration
  • Unique Cover Design – Encourages gas recombination and eliminates the need for maintenance