CSB HR1221W High Rate Battery (12V, 21WPC)

CSB HR1221W High Rate Battery (12V, 21WPC)



This is a genuine CSB HR1221W high rate battery. The CSB HR1221W is a suitable replacement for many applications, including ups backup systems, medical equipment, alarm systems and more.

Replaces: 1157, 1178400, 51106400, 1157-3, 12V4, 12V5, 6-DW-5, AJC-D4.5S, AJC-D4S, AJC-D5S, BAT-1250, BP4.5-12, BP-4-12, BP5-12, CP12-4.0, CP12-5.0, DG124, DG124.5, DV124S, EDS1242, ELK-1240, ELK-1250, FG20451, FP1240, FP1245, FP1250, HR5.5-12, NPX-25T, NPX-25TFR, PS-1242, PS-1250, SH4.5-12, SLA 5-12, VRLA1250

Additional information

Weight 3.97 lbs
Dimensions 3.54 × 2.76 × 4.01 in

12 V

Amp Hour

Watts per Cell

21 WPC

CSB HR1221W High Rate Battery (12V, 21WPC)

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