NP7-12FR Yuasa Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (12V, 7Ah)

NP7-12FR Yuasa Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (12V, 7Ah)


Ah Capacity:7 Ah @ 10hrs
Terminal:(T2) .250" FASTON Tab
Dimensions:5.94" x 2.56" x 3.83"
Weight:6.17 LBS


This is a genuine Yuasa NP7-12FR rechargeable sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery. Yuasa’s NP industrial batteries are considered to be among the best SLA batteries on the market.

  • Sealed, leak proof construction
  • 12 Volt, 7Amp Hours 
  • Float service life: estimated 5 years
  • Service life: 1,000+ charge/discharge cycles
  • Fire retardant (FR) casing
  • Excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications
  • Usable in any orientation
  • UL listed

Features and Benefits from the Yuasa NP7-12FR Spec Sheet:

  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge.
  • Multipurpose (float or cyclic use).
  • Usable in any orientation.
  • Superior energy density.
  • Lead calcium grids for extended life.
  • Manufactured Worldwide.
  • Application specific designs.
  • No gels or other contaminants are added.
  • Sealed Construction – The unique construction and sealing technique of Yuasa batteries ensures no electrolyte leakage from case or terminals.
  • Electrolyte Suspension System – System incorporates a microfine glass mat to retain the maximum amount of electrolyte in the cells.
  • Gas Recombination/Control of Gas Generation – Incorporates the very latest oxygen recombination technology to effectively control the generation of gas during normal use.
  • Low Maintenance Operation – With perfectly sealed construction and the recombination of gasses within the cell, the battery is nearly maintenance free.
  • Operation in any Orientation – This battery allows operation in any orientation, with no loss of performance or fear of electrolyte leakage.
  • Valve Regulated Design – Equipped with a low pressure venting system which releases excess gas and automatically reseals should there be a build up of gas within the battery.
  • Lead Calcium Grids– In both cyclic and float applications, lead calcium alloy grids provide an extra margin of performance and life.
  • Long Cycle Service Life – Over a thousand discharge/charge cycles can be expected, depending upon the average depth of discharge.
  • Float Service Life – In float standby applications, the expected service life is five years.
  • Separators – Special separator material provides a very efficient insulation between plates preventing inter-plate short circuits and prohibiting the shedding of active materials.
  • Long Shelf Life –  The  low self discharge rate allows this battery to be stored for extended periods (up to one year at normal ambient temperatures) with no permanent loss of capacity.
  • Operating Temperature Range – The batteries can be used over a broad temperature range permitting considerable flexibility in system design and location.
    • Charge: 15°C to 50°C
    • Discharge: 20°C to 60°C
    • Storage: 20°C to 50°C (fully charged battery)


*See warranty page for details

Additional information

Weight 6.17 lbs
Dimensions 5.94 × 2.56 × 3.83 in

12 V

Amp Hour

7 Ah

Watts per Cell

NP7-12FR Yuasa Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (12V, 7Ah)

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